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Over the past 20 years, Jingyi Furniture has devoted itself to the production and sale of high-end furniture. The channel operation experience of nearly 100 exclusive stores throughout the country is very good at the research of high-end consumer demand. There are complete solutions for high-end villas, luxury houses, high-end buildings, designer groups and so on. It follows from development, scheme design, private customization and whole-house collocation. Tracking service.

For more than 20 years, Jingyi Furniture has devoted itself to the production of high-end furniture with the ingenuity of craftsmen, and has established a good brand reputation and popularity in the minds of consumers.

Africa Gabon imports high-end ebony, Italy imports top all-green bark, North American black walnut bark, mahogany core bark, tree tumors and so on. French gold marble, imported brass and so on; each raw material is carefully selected, excellence. Strive for the Best Quality Assurance

Top Selection of Material, Keep Improving

Focus on Furniture Industry for 20 Years, Making Furniture by Art Standards

Operational Experience of Nearly 100 Specialized Stores

Franchise support

Shop location


To accurately evaluate the location, location and size of the exclusive stores.

Personnel training support

In the early stage of operation, professional staff will be arranged to go to the site or send people to the factory headquarters for systematic guidance and purchase training. Make-up from the actual operation ensures that each employee has high level of professional skills.

Business planning support

Formulate the plan of opening activities, send commissioners to guide and execute the whole process of opening activities, participate in store lock-up, improve performance and provide programmatic profit programs for later marketing.

Samples that meet local market consumption and aesthetic needs are allocated according to local market consumer survey.

Product swing support

To equip each dealer with one-to-one customer service specialists, follow-up orders, cosmetics, logistics, after-sales and other issues.

Operation support

Senior designers of Chen Feijie's investment office will make a general plan, and the company's designers will provide one-to-one tracking service. Ensure that the effect of shop decoration is the best image effect for the same brand. Decoration subsidies will also be carried out in accordance with high standards.

Decoration design support