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From wood to furniture, the 10 step "health" can not be less

From wood to furniture, the 10 step "health" can not be less

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People need to keep in good health for a long time, and furniture also needs maintenance, so that they can survive for two years.
The "health" way of wood
Furniture is not only used in the process of 
People need to keep in good health for a long time, and furniture also needs maintenance, so that they can survive for two years.
The "health" way of wood
Furniture is not only used in the process of maintenance, in fact, during the production and processing, wood also needs to "raise".
Wood health is the core technology of solid wood furniture production. If temperature and humidity are not properly controlled, there will be uneven or uneven wood.
As we all know, good material selection directly determines the quality of solid wood furniture and its future service life.
Wood materials are usually referred to as "woollen". Whether the wood stays well in the warehouse will directly affect the quality of furniture.
The whole process of lumber accumulation is not just for storage, but for making wood adaptable to local dry humidity and drying naturally. This has a special term - "health care".
Before and after six months, wood can be "raised".
From the big tree to the "wool", it needs to be cut down and long-distance transport, from the material into the factory to the production line to complete six months "health care and beauty body", from the wood to the wooden board and then to the furniture experience is a total of more than ten procedures..